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Volume 9               October 2004

Volume 8             May 2004

VOLUME 7            November 2003

VOLUME 6            June 2003

VOLUME 5            April 2003

VOLUME 4 NO. 1 & 2, May & December 2002

VOLUME 3             October 2001

VOLUME 1 NO. 1 & 2, January & July 1999

Publication No. Author(s) / Title Country Reprint





VOLUME 2 Nos. 1 & 2, December 2000

Vol. 2 ()

Osman A. Sankoh, Aiah Gbakima, Abdoulaye Sene and Pierre Andre


Vol. 2 ()

Abdoulaye Sene

Social Impact Assessment of selected water development projects in sub-Saharan Africa

Vol. 2 ()

Emma-Chritiane Leite, Robert Kasisi and Peter Jacobs

Les femmes et la gestion des ressources halieutiques: le cas du Bčnin

Vol. 2 ()

Jonathan Bonopha Tengbe

The application of multi-criteria analysis to environmental assessment: a case of environmental policy analysis of mining activities in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone  
Vol. 2 ()

Serrie I. Kamara, Tilak Kureppurachchi and Osman A. Sankoh

A total catchment approach to environmental management in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone  
Vol. 2 ()

Fatou K.L. Planchon, Assize Toure and Amadou M. Dieye

L'annuaire sur l'environnement et les ressources naurelles: un outil d'optimisation de la planification environnementale

Vol. 2 ()

Luke Ikeanyionwu

Financing urban waste management through user charges in Nigeria

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