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VOLUME 5 April 2003 - Special Issue: 

International Congress on SEA and Energy Choices in Benin, Contonou

Vol. 5 

Guest Editorial

 Michel A. Bouchard

Secrétariat Francophone of the IAIA, Montreal, Canada

(Editorial Committee: Biagi, R, Guedegbe, B. Gaudette, C, Waaub, J.P. and Yonkeu, S.)

[posted 07.05.2003]


Vol. 5 (1-11)

Samuel Yonkeu and Chaibou Mamane
Approach to environmental capacity-building in Africa by the Inter-State Colleges of Engineers and Senior Technicians in Hydraulics and Rural Infrastructure of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso 

[posted 30.04.2003]

Burkina Faso

Vol. 5 (12-16)

Koassi D’Almeida
Endogenous approach to EA capacity-building in Africa: helping African countries to develop their own EA system

[posted 30.04.2003]

All of Africa

Vol. 5 (17-27)

Marcel Baglo, Maman-Sani Issa, and Bonaventure Guedegbe
Strategic environmental assessment (SEA) in Benin and its application to the energy sector

[posted 30.04.2003]


Vol. 5 (28-38)

Karim Samoura and Lamarana Diallo
Environmental issues associated with the main sectors of energy production in Guinea

[posted 30.04.2003]


Vol. 5 (39-45)

Dieudonné Garba Goudou
Impacts of climate change mitigation measures on the energy sector in Africa: benefits and opportunities offered by the implementation of Articles 4.8 and 4.9 of the UNFCCC and the Kyoto Protocol

[posted 30.04.2003]

All of Africa

Vol. 5 (46-54)

Hassane Kimba
Assessment of the environmental impacts of the Kandadji dam project: an energy choice identified under the National Energy and Sustainable Development Program

[posted 30.04.2003]


Vol. 5 (55-65)

Loïc Trebaol and Jean-Pierre Chabal
EIA of the Adjarala hydroelectric project (Togo-Benin): the aquatic environment component

[posted 30.04.2003]

Togo - Benin

Vol. 5 (66-75)

Djibo Boubacar and Jean-Philippe Waaub
Avenues for more effectively incorporating environmental considerations into road infrastructure planning in Niger

[posted 30.04.2003]


Vol. 5 (76-91)

Pierre Legare
Firewood and hydro-agricultural developments in East Sourou, Burkina Faso

[posted 30.04.2003]

Burkina Faso

Vol. 5 (92-101)

Marguerite Wotto and Jean-Phillippe Waaub

Process of limited societal participation in the strategic environmental assessment of transportation planning scenarios in Montreal in a GDSS context: methodological proposal

[posted 07.05.2003]

Vol. 5 (102-139)

Jean-Roger Mercier and Mohammed Abdelwahab Bekhechi

L’évaluation environnementale: un outil majeur du développement durable  

[posted 07.05.2003]





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