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VOLUME 8 May 2004 

Vol. 8 

(page 1-18)

Sonibare J.A, Akeredolu, F.A, Latinwo, I and Solomon, B.O

Impact of Tanneries on Ambient Noise Levels in Kano, Nigeria

[posted 06.04.2004]


Vol. 8 

(page 19-26)

Godson R.E. Ana and Mynepali K. C. Sridhar

Soil quality near a chemical fertilizer industry at Port Harcourt, Nigeria

[posted 16.06.2004]
Vol. 8 

(page 27-30)

Ugochukwu, C.N.C.

Effluent monitoring of an oil servicing company and its impact on the environment

[posted 16.06.2004]
Vol. 8 

(page 31-56)

Abul Salam and Fortunate M. Sibandze

Living conditions in informal settlements and people's perception of their conditions in Swaziland: A case study of Sicelwini

[posted 26.06.2004]
Vol. 8 

(page 57-73)

Lescuyer Guillaume and Bitondo Dieudonné

L’évaluation des impacts environnementaux comme outil d’aménagement de la forêt tropicale. Une expérience au sud-Cameroun

[posted 26.06.2004]
Vol. 8 

(page 74-99)

Samwel V. Manyele

Medical waste management in Tanzania: Current situation and the way forward

[posted 26.06.2004]




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