Finally, we have some news worth announcing. is a website we are excited to see. They are focusing on the information around the Maqui Berry. for those who do not know, the Maqui berry is a dark purple little berry found in sourthern Chile (yes I know... different continent, but still exciting). We have long believed that this berry was good, but we had no idea HOW good it actually is. It appears that the anti-oxidant powers of the berry are unmatched. We nightly encourage that you check out the website and find out as much information as you can.




Pregnancy in Africa? yes its a major issue, and this website is taking up a stance. Pregnancy in Africa is a major issue, particularly the pregnancy of women raped in violent war crimes. The question arrises.... should these women be forced to carry the child? We don't think so. Although few women in africa approve of abortions, we do feel that the option should at least be on the table. Find out more about the research by visiting the website..



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