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Volume 6, 16-31, June 2003
ISSN 1438-7890
African Journal of Environmental Assessment and Management
Revue africaine de gestion et d’évaluation environnementales

Evaluation of some heavy metals in water, sediment and fish samples from River Nile (Kafr El-Zyat city), Egypt:  A Treatment approach.


Daifullah, A.A.M., Elewa, A.A., Shehata, M. B., and Abdo, M.H.


On Rosetta branch of River Nile in Egypt, there are some industrial cities e.g. Kafr El-Zyat city. To address questions of water quality and to suggest a low cost and available treatment process for some toxic metals (iron, manganese, zinc, copper, lead and cadmium ), water samples from surface  and bottom layers were collected at 3- stations (IX, X, XI ) and 3 drains (Z1, Z2 and Z3)  and determined using atomic absorption spectrophotometry (AAS). In addition, the concentration of these metals in sediment and fish flesh samples (at stations IX, X, XI) were determined using ICP. The samples were collected monthly during Nov. 1998 - Oct. 1999. The results showed that the concentration of these metals are higher than the permissible levels due to the discharges of two industrial companies in this area ( El-Malyia & Soda and Salt). The treatment procedures using H-carbon prepared from local available, rice husk, showed that the percent removal of toxic metals almost reaches 97% and in all cases the metal concentration after treatment is less than the permissible level. Thus the treated water can pass into River Nile safely and without any pollution for fish or sediment and the water quality remains good without any harmful risk throughout its usage.

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