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Volume 9 October 2004
ISSN 1438-7890
African Journal of Environmental Assessment and Management
Revue africaine de gestion et d’évaluation environnementales



Nathaniel-Imeh Adebobola 

In the early 20th century, the world was an abode to over 1.6 billion estimated human species. During this time, pollution and environmental degradation were common; some cities lived under a pall of smoke, soot and ash. The untold environmental problems created can be described to be local, but on the whole they were vast. Although some regions were virtually untouched by the inhabitants, but due to technology development in the mid-century, large areas were disturbed and the population increased by more than 100 percent now stipulated at 2.5 billion. Industrial growth had multiplied per capital consumption of natural resources and per capital pollution in many countries. As the growth continued, pollution in all aspects of the ecosystem became more widespread. This was associated with the cumulative impact of toxic industrial wastes on wealth of the living forms by the teeming population of man. In this paper, major contemporary issues and global trends in the world’s Environment with African concern are discussed.
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